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About International High School Journal of Science

Our mission is to promote and inspire innovative original science research by High School students.

Every year, thousands of High School students all over the world take their first dive into the world of scientific research. They bring a new and fresh approach plus enthusiasm to the world of scientific discovery and research. Normally they participate in science fairs sponsored by their schools, local science foundations and by several tech firms (Intel, Google, Siemens etc). A few of the High school student scientist even write the research papers based on their work to be submitted to science competitions.

International High School Journal of Science(IHSSJ) is the first print journal in the world which is dedicated to publishing original innovative research work done by High School Students. IHSJS has two issues in a year, summer and Fall. Our goal is to have a copy of the journal in library of every high school in U.S. and in High Schools promoting science research in rest of the world. IHSJS is published from San Jose, CA which is located in Silicon Valley, technology innovation hub of the world.

IHSJS also has a active web portal where we bring news and articles related to high school research.

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Current Issue